Enter the Virtual Realm in Arcade Paradise VR, transporting you back for even more 90’s nostalgia!

Wed 6 Dec, 2023

Rebuilt from the ground-up for VR, the retro arcade adventure and light-management sim is confirmed for Meta Quest 

Watford, UK – 6th December, 2023: Publisher Wired Productions and award-winning independent studio, Nosebleed Interactive, are proud to announce that 2022’s critically acclaimed ‘90’s arcade and light management-sim’ Arcade Paradise returns for VR on Meta Quest devices. 

Oozing with retro-fuelled gaming nostalgia, Arcade Paradise VR will take players on an empowering journey from virtual rags to arcade riches. In a live-action trailer with a gameplay tease, Arcade Paradise VR blends the day to day management of a fully gamified laundromat with thrilling arcade games inspired by three decades of gaming. More will be revealed in early 2024.

Watch the Announcement Teaser Trailer:

Transform the King Wash, a decrepit family-owned laundromat, into a booming arcade business. Get hands on managing the fully gamified day-to-day tasks, from manually picking up gum, doing the laundry, and scrubbing a toilet perfectly clean – to throwing out the trash in a basketball style mini game. Then, take your hard-earned money from completing these tasks to unlock your real objective… buying more arcade units! With 39 fully playable arcade cabinets inspired by the classics of the 90’s, it’s time to play, profit and purchase your way to your very own Arcade Paradise. 

So, strap on your latest virtual reality tech – because the future is NOW! 

Arcade Paradise VR is coming soon to Meta Quest. 

For more information, visit https://wiredproductions.com/games/arcade-paradise-vr/, follow Arcade Paradise on Twitter, Wired Productions on Twitter, Nosebleed Interactive on Twitter, and wishlist on Meta

Download all assets via: https://media.wiredproductions.com/ 

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About Wired Productions

Wired Productions is an independent video games publisher based in Watford, UK. Wired has produced and published award-winning titles across all major platforms and its games are curated to deliver on its mantra: ‘Driven by Passion.’ Bringing games to market in both physical and digital media, recent notable launches include Arcade Paradise, Martha Is Dead, The Last Worker and Tin Hearts.Upcoming titles include Gori: Cuddly Carnage, Hotel Architect and Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles

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About Nosebleed Interactive

Nosebleed Interactive is a multi-award-winning independent studio based in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the heart of the North East of England. After critical hits Vostok Inc. and Arcade Paradise, Nosebleed are working on Arcade Paradise VR as their next hit title.