Support for Ukraine

Fri 18 Mar, 2022


We are all saddened, angered and sickened by the war in Ukraine, We condemn this unjustified and unlawful invasion by Russia, lives are being lost. Together with our wonderful development partners we have collectively managed to raise $75,000, to support those affected, to be split between the Ukrainian appeals by the Red Cross, Unicef & MSF. 

The games industry has rallied hard, but also the world has come together to help. Imagine that energy put to use across many different causes. We as the World’s People can make a real difference. Life is precious. We should be nurturing and not destroying. What is happening in Ukraine is a crime. Maybe when this disaster is over, we can all focus on the many other disasters and atrocities happening across the world.

 Together we are stronger and there is hope in humanity.

Peace and Love to all, Wired Productions & Family

#NoMoreWAR #StopTheMadness #LifeIsPrecious #FuckPutin