Wired Productions Presents: Wired Direct 2024 – A Digital Showcase Celebrating Indie Gaming

Wed 10 Apr, 2024

Release Dates, Gameplay Reveals, and the Unveiling of Brand-New Titles Await!

Watford, United Kingdom — April 10, 2024 | Indie publishing powerhouse Wired Productions is throwing open the door to its secret games room with the revival of Wired Direct. This digital showcase will shine a spotlight on the publisher’s exciting 2024 lineup, including sensational new games, release dates, first looks and a couple of surprises on the night!

Hosted by Wired alumni Aaron Cooper and Jake Kulkowski, Wired Direct will feature esteemed developers such as Tomas Sala (BAFTA nominated for the Falconeer and Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles), Nosebleed Interactive (Arcade Paradise), Pathos Interactive (Hotel Architect), KeokeN Interactive (Deliver Us The Moon), Angry Demon Studio (Gori: Cuddly Carnage), and more, Wired Direct 2024 will be a celebration of incredible indie games and the visionary creators behind them. 


Wired Direct 2024 streams live on Twitch, Steam, and YouTube on April 23 at 12:00 PST/15:00 EDT/20:00 BST.

Wired Productions Manager Director, Leo Zullo said, “Despite the difficulties of the current gaming landscape for indies, this Wired Direct will put our partners and their titles to the forefront highlighting the variety of cool games we plan to bring to gamers in the coming year. Each title featured on the stream is a truly unique and lovingly crafted experience. We’re excited for gamers to check them all out and a few surprises too in the coming week.”

For more information and to stay up-to-date on all of the latest announcements, visit wiredproductions.com and make sure to follow Wired Productions on all their social media channels YouTubeDiscord, and Twitter/X  for exclusive news and teasers leading up to April 23.

You can wishlist all the games you have seen and also help celebrate Wired’s history of Indie innovation by checking out the Wired Direct 24 Steam Sale

Mark your calendars and prepare to join the excitement as Wired Direct 2024 streams live on Twitch, Steam, and YouTube on April 23rd at 12:00 PST / 15:00 EDT / 20:00 BST. Creators wanting to get involved through co-streaming can apply via: https://forms.gle/rQub3eajKJqr4m849.


PR Contacts

Wired Productions: Anastasia Denisova – press@wiredproductions.com  

About Wired Productions

Wired Productions is an independent video games publisher based in Watford, UK. Wired has produced and published award-winning titles across all major platforms and its games are curated to deliver on its mantra: ‘Driven by Passion.’ Bringing games to market in both physical and digital media, recent notable launches include: Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, Tin Hearts, The Last Worker, Tiny Troopers: Global Ops, Arcade Paradise, Martha Is Dead, The Falconeer, and Deliver Us The Moon. Upcoming titles include Gori: Cuddly Carnage, Arcade Paradise VR and Hotel Architect.

Find @WiredP on YouTubeDiscord, and Twitter/X or search Wired Productions on Google.